The Story of Us...

Hi there!

I'm so happy you've found us and want to find out a little bit more! I wanted to share with you my story and how The Self Collective Co came to be.

I've always been an ideas kind of girl with a dream to own my own business. But for the longest time I did not have the self-confidence to pursue this dream. Instead, I stuck to the 'safe' path of an established career in health that was no longer fulfilling me.

Then in 2016, a shift started to occur. At the time I would say that this shift was completely sudden and unexpected. In hindsight it wasn't. This was the year I was diagnosed with generalised anxiety and panic disorder.

I think I have had anxiety most of my life but it was my normal, so I knew no different. As I got older, got married, progressed in my career and had a child, my anxiety worsened but I just kept adjusting to my 'new' normal. 

I was the proverbial duck on the pond - all calm and serene on top of the water but paddling frantically underneath the water to stay afloat. Until I couldn't paddle any longer and suffered my first panic attack. I knew things had to change.

What was the hardest time of my life in 2016 actually turned out to be one of the best. I had to learn a new normal if I wanted to move forward. This growth shifted my perspective on what was really important to me and the type of life I wanted to be living.

Part of this was learning how vital self-care was to my mental health. As I started to improve, I started looking around for self-care that was specific to my mental health needs. I couldn't find what I was looking for - something that nurtured my emotional and psychological self-care needs, not just the physical ones. And so the seed for The Self Collective Co was sown.

It was a slow growing seed and I stuck it out in my day job for another few years until I came to a crossroad. I realised I had a choice to make. I could stay stuck where I was in a place and a job that I no longer loved, or I could channel my energy into my passion project  - helping others like me utilise self-care as tool to aid mental health recovery.  I am so glad and proud to say I chose the latter.

To me, The Self Collective Co is more than just the beautiful self-care products that we sell. It is a community. It is a forum for mental health awareness, an opportunity to normalise mental health issues, and it is the place you can come to learn how to nurture yourself  - mind, body and soul.

Thank you so much for joining me on this self-care adventure. I hope you love our products as much as I do.

Celeste xx

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