Our Philosophy

The greatest gift you can give yourself is time and care.


At The Self Collective Co we believe that nurturing your mental health and finding balance is the most important part of your self-care routine.

With this in mind, we have curated our self-care boxes and product range to nurture, soothe, calm and uplift you. Take the time to invest in you and regain your sense of balance and wellbeing.


The intent of self-care is to nurture your whole self - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. By tending to all these aspects of yourself, you are helping yourself to grow into your true self. The Self Collective Co’s aim is to provide you with tools and strategies to assist you on your way.


We are more than just a store. We are a community. We are growing a collective of like-minded people who are on their own journey of self-care and growth. We invite you to join our collective and encourage you to share your experiences, tips and ideas. Follow us on instagram and subscribe to The Self Collective Co here.

The Self Collective Co proudly supports Australian businesses. Our community of suppliers have been hand picked to ensure our products are locally sourced and aligned with our values.


The Self Collective Co is focussed on ensuring that we leave the smallest footprint possible. We strive to stock products and packaging that are sustainable, eco-friendly, organic and cruelty free.