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A gift box for someone who deserves a little self-care

Note to Self

I am the source of my own wellbeing.

I am worthy self-care and balance in my life.

Challenge to Self

Experience the gift of inward kindness and self-care

Enjoy receiving a holistic self-care gift box - from yourself

From the Self to the Collective

It is up to us to nurture our mental health - the Collective us!

Join the self-gifting movement

"Self-care is about giving the world the best of you, not what is left of you"

                                                                                                  Katie Reed

From Us To You

The Self Collective Co brings you a curated range of eco-friendly Australian products and hand-picked holistic gift boxes to choose from. These boxes go beyond skin deep to help you carve out time for mindfulness and reflection; and to create space for your emotional wellbeing.

With easy ordering, prompt delivery, and a nurturing community, it's a collective promise to shine a light on self-care - for all of us.

Pass this on to someone else who needs a Note to Self from the Self Collective Co.

Afterpay available I Spend $100 to receive free standard shipping


Just letting you know I received my self-care box of goodies!! It smells delicious and it's so lovely to get something for myself as my son has special needs!! A little treasure trove of goodies just for me! Thanks so much !!


All 4 packs arrived in Adelaide. They love them!


My friend received her gift box today and is thrilled! Thank you again xx



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